About us

We are a small family business run by three women. Our firm is located in the valleys of Coriglianeto and Colagnati, in the city of Corigliano-Rossano, Calabria. Since 1987, sun, air and bottomless passion are the key ingredients of the Clementine fruits picked in our citrus groves.

We strongly believe that politics, among other ethical networks, start from the ground and the table, with good, clean and fair food. For us, the organically grown method, dignity of the individual and the work always come first. The alchemy is perfectioned by the union of our area’s micro-climate, our ideal soil composition, low yield and the taste in reinventing ourselves.

This is how we share our authentic Clementines, juicer than the average standard, intense yet natural pigmentation which our laboratories turn into a 100% pure fruit juice, with no added sugar and preservatives.

Against all the odds, we dare to keep dreaming. Every day both locally and on the web, in collaboration with other like-minded businesses, we promote responsible and reasoned consumption, our identity and lasting and continuous growth.

Jolanda Smurra

Marina Smurra

Cristiana Smurra